Deciding Dancer Fees

Don’t decide on your dancers’ fees until you create your entire project budget.  Translation: you may not be able to afford to pay your dancers as much as you’d like (and as much as they’re worth), but if you know what you can afford, your dancers will a) respect your budget and its limitations b) decide if they can do the project for the amount you’re able to offer c) realize that while you can pay “x” for this project, you’ll most likely be able to pay more for the next opportunity. In working with individual artists I have noticed the repeated practice of deciding dancer fees prior to creating and understanding the full scope of expenses for a particular project. I would highly advise against this practice, as it can create a difficult financial situation for the choreographer/creator. Alternatively, write down all your project expenses (as well as your income projections) and make an informed decision on dancers’ pay.

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