About Us

Surala Consulting helps artists and organizations achieve their fundraising goals. With over ten years of development experience, Founder/Director Sara Juli has raised millions of dollars from foundation, government, corporate and individual sources, all in support of the arts and non-profit sector. An accomplished solo performance artist, Sara provides her clients with strategic fundraising solutions tailored to their respective needs at an affordable rate.

We are a boutique company specializing in strategic fundraising solutions catering to the New York City performing arts community. We believe that every arts organization and working artist contributes to the fabric that makes New York City so vibrant and culturally diverse, and that their work merits funding. We work together with clients to form and deepen relationships to institutions and individuals whom most connect with and believe in their mission, vision and aesthetic. Founder/Director Sara Juli uses her years of proven and tested track record in fundraising to assist arts organizations and individual artists on the multiple avenues and nuances of fundraising. All services are tailored directly to fit the needs of the client.

Surala Consulting creates positive change for arts organizations and artists. Whether it’s helping to build a healthy Board of Directors, training a pre-existing Board, coaching on asking individuals for money, grant writing assistance or designing an annual fundraising strategy, we work closely with clients to empower and enable them to succeed. Working “behind the scenes” in a practical, consistent and affordable way, Surala Consulting is there every step of the way. Those organizations and artists that embrace the challenge and intrigue that this work unwraps, have proven to raise the necessary funds for project support and overall fiscal health. Effective fundraising takes time, but using time-tested methods coupled with a sound strategy, Surala Consulting will help your mission continue, thrive, and grow.


Movement Research in conversation with Sara Juli