Frequently Asked Questions

I have limited resources, can I apply for a grant to hire Surala Consulting?

While that’s a great idea, in theory, the reality is that there are very few grants that pay for consulting services (generally as part of “capacity building” grants) and the few that do exist are incredibly competitive.

How can I afford to work with Surala Consulting?

Surala charges a below-market rate in order to be affordable to the non-profit community that it is helping to grow. We also work super hard to be efficient with our time working for you. Also, while it’s important to be realistic about fundraising goals, long-term costs of working with the company can be built-into a fundraising strategy.

How long does the process take until I can start raising money?

Once you decide to work with Surala Consulting, Director Sara Juli will meet with you for a two-hour initial strategy meeting. After the completion of that meeting, a rough plan is developed. Once the groundwork steps of the plan have been completed, fundraising can begin. The quicker the client completes laying the foundation, the faster money can be rasied.

How should I gauge my expectations when embarking on working with Surala Consulting?

There is no quick fix with fundraising. It simply takes time. It takes time to build relationships within your current network, as well as reach-out to new people and places. BUT, if you’re willing to embark on the journey, we will help you every step of the way and can guarantee that you’ll raise money for your project in which you are so passionate. Our techniques and tactics work if you practice them.

How does billing work?

Clients are billed monthly for time spent working with or for them during the previous month. Payment is expected within 15 days of receiving the invoice.

Can I work with Surala Consulting for the short-term and/or long-term?

Yes. Surala Consulting works with a variety of clients in various ways tailored to meet your needs. We can work with you on editing one grant proposal or we can work with you on a large scale campaign that will roll-out over several years. There is no project that is too long or too short.


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