End of Year

Making Next Year’s Holiday Season Much More Merry

Now that the holidays are over and we have begun a new year, it’s a perfect time to refelct on the hoidays and realize that it truly is the season of giving. I just threw away the last lingering annual holiday appeal that was in my pile of “to do’s” having made that donation online two days before the year officially ended. For my CLIENTS who sent appeals, the success stories are coming-in, and the reports are positive. Fact #1: People give more money away in December than any other month of the year. Fact #2: ANNUAL APPEALS work.

Many people ask me if sending an e-appeal can be sent in leu of a snail mail appeal. The answer is, “Yes, but that it will yield less dollars than if you do both”. For example, the artists and organizations that took the time and effort to send me a snail mail appeal got a donation from me (which ironically, I ultimately gave on-line). Sending a snail mail shows your serious, committed and willing to spend a few bucks to make more vs. anyone and everyone can send an e-appeal (and they certainly do indicated by the look of one’s inbox in December).